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Why LA Fresh?

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Less is more / Downsize your travel beauty stash

Everyone is guilty of filling up plastic sandwich bags to the brim with toiletries that unfortunately didn’t fit in that already over-packed suitcase. On top of that, you need to bring that big stick of deodorant, bottles and containers of lotions, body cream, cleansers, and oils which may also be accompanied by that big bag of makeup. Instead of weighing down and doubling up your bags for those crazy “just in case” emergencies, keep a prepacked bag filled with minis of makeup remover, deodorant, nail polish remover, and cleansing wipes so you’re ready to leave at a moment’s notice like you’re a secret agent.


Mini but Mighty

LA Fresh’s new all-inclusive wipes are designed to help people survive life’s personal care predicaments while keeping you clean and refreshed on the go. This new all-inclusive collection does it all- and comes in chic/posh packaging with improved formulas without parabens.


Take care of your beauty and environment at the same time

With FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified, we produce Eco-Friendly product. Meet our shared mission of conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods.

At LA Fresh, we provided healthier lifestyle to our customer. With highly natural ingredient, our product present high quality  and extra care.

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