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  • Travel Lite® Antibacterial Wipes, 48 wipes

    Antibacterial Wipes

    Spread the love. Not the germs.Antibacterial Wipes Keep You Safe as Well as the People You Love

    These pocket-sized, germ-busting wipes are individually sealed for freshness. Alcohol-free, they won't sting or dry out your skin. Spread the love. Not the germs.

    • Keeps Hands Clean & Healthy
    • Kills 99.9% of Germs
    • With Aloe & Vitamin E
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  • Be Good. Good Day. Deluxe Trio Sample

    Be Good To Yourself Today

    Our Be Good Beauty Regime Trio is Ready For Action!

    Still not sure about Be Good? Well here's your chance to try our best selling beauty regime. It's exactly what your skin has been waiting for.

    Here's What's Included:
    • Good Start. Face Serum - Designed to bring your skin instant moisturization, softer and a brighter looking appearance.
    • Good Day. Day Moisturizer - Designed to refresh your skin and provide ample hydration that glides on silky smooth.
    • Good Day. Night Moisturizer - Designed to help your skin replenish and hold in hydration as you sleep. Wake to plumper, smoother looking skin.

    Live. Love. La Fresh. Repeat

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  • Travel Lite® Male Hygiene Wipes, 48 packets

    Male Hygiene Wipes

    When your Guy gets that not-so-fresh feeling here's a great solution that is convenient and easy.
    • Whisks away dirt, sweat & odor
    • Keeps you fresh & confident
    • Portable & discreet
    • Botanical extracts of aloe vera, chamomile, marshmallow, cucumber, oat & vitamin E
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  • La Fresh® Shoe Shine Wet Wipes 50ct

    Shoe Shine Wipes

    50 individually packaged 6"x5" pre-moistened towels,for a quick shoe shine, when only a professional look and presentation will do, these portable wet wipes are your go-to success story.

    To make a polished impression, start with your shoes.
    • * Shines Up Your Shoes in an Instant
    • * Clear Polishing Formula
    • * No Dry Time
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  • Travel Lite® Nail Polish Remover Pads (Acetone), 48 packets

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    Nail Polish Remover Pads

    Tried & true original formula

    Polish cracked under pressure? Let's put the 'cure' in manicure. One single pad does the work of several pads. Stash them in your purse, desk at work or travel bag, their TSA friendly and leak-proof.

    • for quick polish changes on-the-go
    • 1 pad cleans all 10 nails
    • with aloe & vitamin e

    Freshly sealed individual wipe packets in a beautifully simple stash box.

    Travel Lite® Promises
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  • Divas & Studs Pooch Pampering Package

    Divas & Studs Pooch Pampering Package

    Trio for your furry four-legged family member

    Pampering and spoiling is the name of the game. These cute and chic triple threats that are cleansing finger size mittens keep your four-legged divas or studs clean and pristine Portable and ready to go anywhere that you go. Take them on the plane, in the car or on vacation with you.

    Easy to use pampering kit that makes it simple to meet the needs of your pet.

    • Cleans your Dogs Eyes
    • Cleans your Dogs Ears
    • Cleans your Dogs Mouth
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  • Travel Lite® Oil-Free Makeup Remover Wipes, 8 wipes

    Our new makeup remover in a travel-chic pouch!

    Is your makeup ready for take-off? Make it a smooth departure.

    • Effectively wipes away makeup from eyes, lips & face
    • Dermatologist-approved sensitive formula
    • Free of parabens
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  • Be Good Starter Kit

    Why Be Bad - When You Can Be Good

    Be Good Retail Starter Kit

    Our Best Selling Anti-Aging Skin Moisturizing Regime is now available in a retail starter kit

    The starter kit includes everything your salon will need to keep your clients happy.

    • Be Good. Good Day. Day Moisturizer. Offers ample hydration for fresher and happier looking skin
    • Be Good. Good Night. Night Cream. Offering the super hydration that skin needs at night to give skin a smoother and plumper in the fight to reduce fine lines
    • Be Good. Fresh Start. Faced Serum. Offering Instant Moisturization for softer and brighter looking skin.

    Doesn't Your Skin Deserve to Be Good

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