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Many first time customers on La Fresh website tell us that they first used our Makeup Remover at a hotel while traveling. In fact, numbers of inn owners themselves have come back from their vacation and contacted us about La Fresh products.

Providing quality amenities very much speak of a host's attitude toward his or her patrons. As a customer, wouldn't you want to stay at a place where the hospitality truly counts? As a welcoming host, isn't it your highest aspiration to provide the best service your customers deserve?

So we figured perhaps we could help. We are introducing Inn of the Month, in which we feature selected private inns, cozy bed & breakfasts, and local's best-kept secret lodges that offer La Fresh products. You will find stories about these great places, nearby attractions and other local points of interest.

Just Make Sure You Have La Fresh for Guests...

Council of La Freshed Inns

Inn Owners, Submit Your Stories Now!

Go to Contact Us to fill out and submit the online form* just as you would if you need to ask us any question. Please begin the Comment section with the heading Inn of the Month.

If your inn is selected** for display, we will contact you to make sure you don't mind operating at full occupancy rate. We will also request that you will provide a picture or two (i.e. inside & outside the lodge, nearby vista, local hot spot, etc.) to be shared on the website alongside your story. As a token of appreciation, you will receive La Fresh goodies!

*Please note that by submitting your story, you are agreeing that we may publish, on our website, parts or all contents of your submission. **In order to be considered for selection, you must have purchased La Fresh products in the past 6 months from or one of our distributors.