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How do I receive and apply Free Shipping for my order?

All orders over $50.00 (excluding applicable CA sales tax, shipping & handling and locations outside of the Continental US) qualifies for FREE Shipping promotion.

During the checkout process, you select by clicking on the Free Shipping option under Step 4 Shipping Method.

Note: If your order is qualified for free shipping promotion, the option will appear automatically on the list.

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Are La Fresh tems available for purchase in retail stores?

Unfortunately at this time we do not have any retail store locations. We're a smaller business and trying to break into the retail space is difficult and expensive. Because of this we prefer to sell only online to keep costs down and keep our prices as low as possible.

We are working hard to make our products available in retail stores and hopefully soon we will have our products available in locations around your area. Its helpful when our customers mention our products to their retail stores and show an interest in them, so feel free to mention our product at the stores you visit :).

Also, to help with shipping, we are setup to give you free shipping on orders greater then $50.

Are La Fresh products available internationally?

The best way to purchase our products internationally is through one of La Fresh's international distribution partners. This will save you from hidden customs fees and the cost of shipping items across the border.

Hong Kong
Hosey Trading Company Limited                                                     
1Floor, 15 Queen's Road West, 
SheUng Wan, Hong Kong
 Tel:  (852) 25440818
Fubon Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. 
Taipei, Taiwan
Shopping site:
* Search the word "La Fresh" to view all La Fresh® products for purchases. 

Northern America:
West of Canada East of Canada
Chatters Canada Limited Maan Sales Associates

274 - 28042 Hwy. 11
(11 Burnt Park Drive)
Red Deer County, Alberta, T4S 2L4
Toll Free: 855.342.5055
Local: 403.356.2849

General Inquiries:  [email protected]
Customer Service:  [email protected] 

Mississauga, Ontario,  L5J 3A8
Tel:  905.855.9873

Email:  [email protected]

How can we carry La Fresh® products?
If you are interested to carry La Fresh® products, you may call the toll-free at 1.888.552.3737 or email us by completing Contact Us form.  La Fresh® sales representative will contact you shortly and be happy to provide you with more information.


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