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Social Media Maven, Kelly Torres interviews beauty entrepreneur Eve Yen, founder of La Fresh Group in an exclusive sneak peek into the world of an online beauty entreprenueur. Torres discovers how beauty, brains and sustainability built and international brand.

KT: What motivated you to pursue an Eco-Friendly line?

EY: Making a difference is what motivates me. I want to be proud of my decisions at the end of each day, and caring for others, the environment and myself is a part of that. There is a growing demand for natural beauty products as people become more aware of issues our world faces. I wanted to become a leading example of wholesome, sustainable manufacturing by incorporating great products designed with conscientiousness.

KT: How does your company succeed in great customer service?

EY: Our company places high importance on constantly challenging ourselves and being innovative. Customers and clients have wants and needs, and it’s about filling that void and keeping them happy. This mentality has allowed us to create new products, services and product lines. It truly is a team effort. Our R&D, graphic design, marketing, and e-commerce sales teams all work together so we can get the best products in the hands of the consumer.

KT: What is the benefit of selling online to your customers?

EY: By offering these great products online, customers can stay updated on new items, discounts, tips, social media and more so it’s more than just a product they bought; it’s a lifestyle they are a part of. In addition, we can share these eco-friendly products with customers around the world. Overall, customers can use their cars less by shopping from their home and the overall carbon footprint is reduced.

KT: What steps have you taken to implement new sustainability initiatives?

EY: We proudly manufacture in the USA using clean, renewable solar energy and have gained an EPA Green Power Partnership. We recently introduced FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified wipe substrates, and have committed to producing more products with flexible packaging. Also, we have gained registration from the USDA to handle certified organic ingredients and products.

KT: What makes the La Fresh® Eco-Beauty® products special?

EY: Eco-Beauty® wipes are biodegradable and made without parabens, sulfates, dyes, artificial fragrances, animal byproducts or other questionable ingredients. They only utilize a small amount of water per use and require no extra water to make them work. They are light, so they don’t require so much energy to ship. These were designed with the idea that every resource is a precious commodity, and our customers are precious to us as well.

KT: What advice do you have for someone wanting to start an on-line, eco-friendly business?

EY: Set realistic goals but dream big. You have to believe that you can make it happen and you have to have passion and planning to back up your vision. Educate yourself on sustainable options and learn to think like your customers that seek natural products. It’s also important for everyone to make a commitment to improving our world in the present and for the future, whether that’s in business or every day life.