If you are flying to be with friends and family this holiday season, make your flight as enjoyable as possible. Our editors are aware that in this day and age of traveling smarter, there are a few packing tactics that will assure a carefree and stress free travel event. To cut time and stressful minutes that we all encounter when arriving at the airport, start by packing your smallest luggage bag first.

Since your carry-ons can no longer exceed a linear dimension of 45 inches or 25 lbs, you can escape the often tedious and stress inducing waits at the baggage terminal by simply packing more effectively and traveling light. To learn how to pack all your needs into one suitcase, check out these tips:

Use the following pithy packing tips to make your travel light:

  1. Make a list. Compose a pack list. Be sure to coordinate shirts and blouses with bottoms. To maximize your traveling wardrobe, fashion savoir faire, stick with solids and versatile basics. Rule-out any clothes that do not match other items.
  2. Roll 'em up please. The best way to fit all your clothes is by rolling pants and shirts. First fold each item in half. Then simply roll. To try to maintain any creases, start on the bulkiest end of the article of clothing.
  3. Gear up. How to make an awe-inspiring impression out of a basic or mundane outfit? For the most glam appeal, accessorize with a vibrant tie (for him) or a florid scarf (for her). Multi-hued accessories can liven up just about any attire.
  4. Minimize bulk. After you check for space, edit outfits ruthlessly. Try to pack microfibers with wrinkle and stain free comfort. With most of your attire, stay in the same color scheme in case you have to layer up for warmth.
  5. Pack smart shoes. For men, any leather rubber-soled shoes can make the day and night transition, easy. For woman, a pair of flip-flops, strappy sandals and comfy wedges can serve all casual chic dressing needs.
  6. Lose the Extra Baggage. Leave the heavy travel guide at home. Duplicate important resources to keep your luggage free of extra pounds. Since most hotels and resorts provide irons and blow-dryers, leave yours at home for light travel.
  7. Leave restricted items at home To reduce the embarrassment of under garments becoming the side show attraction of the open luggage scan, place all panties in a plastic bag free of any clippers, lighters or other questionable paraphernalia. For expedient security review, place the transparent bag above of your other items so security can access the bag without ruining your efficient packing method.

Use the following pithy packing tips to make your travel light:

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  10. These items will keep you prepared and ready for anything.

Bon voyage!